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PSG Technologist

Job Details

Job Ref:
Employment Type:
Regular Full-Time
Health Care Partner:
Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital
75 Beekman St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901


Min Rate = $25.30 / Max Rate = $36.69 *Placement is in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Units Agreement.

The PSG Technologist is a senior level polysomnographic position that performs sleep studies on all age groups. The position requires maintenance of all Tech I standards in addition to higher level responsibility with scoring and operation needs.

Special Criteria Details



1. Patient set-up with EEG electrodes and ancillary equipment.2. Obtains and documents polysomnograms.3. Demonstrates the knowledge and the ability to recognize the following:

I. Critical Events:

  • Sleep pathology, seizure disorders, dangerous heart arrhythmias, as well as medical emergencies that arise.
  • Familiar with all standing Sleep Center emergency protocols and ensures that any variance is corrected and brought to the attention of the Chief Technologist.
  • Technologist is resourceful and can assist other techs when necessary or direct them to the proper resource. Tech reaches out to Medical Director and/or Chief Tech when appropriate in an emergency.

II. Artifact and Equipment Errors:

  • Recognize artifact from cerebral waveforms.
  • Recognize artifact and equipment malfunctions in all testing channels.
  • Replace electrodes and sensors with questionable integrity or contact.
  • Troubleshoot for possible electrical interference.
  • Verify electrode impedance integrity.
  • Recognize equipment errors. Technologist will promptly assist in troubleshooting equipment at the Sleep Center to ensure that all equipment is working properly and that high quality sleep studies are acquired.

4. Employs the appropriate procedures for Titrations.5. Ability to Perform Multiple Sleep Latency Tests (MSLTS) AND Maintenance of Wake Tests (MWT), Out of Center Sleep Testing (OCST) unit, End-tidal CO2 and transcutaneous CO2, Mobile sleep testing station on inpatients and outpatients and other sleep testing procedures as appropriate.6. Adhere to Sleep Center’s Technical Protocol.7. Ability to analyze and prepare sleep data for interpretation.8. Maintain Sleep Center Operations and Sleep Center Standards for Accreditation.9. Communicate appropriate information necessary for high quality patient care.10. Provides a safe working environment.11. Demonstrates dedication to personal and professional development.12. Models University of Vermont Health Network – Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital’s values in the performance of work duties.13. Uses organization resources wisely.14. Attend a community outreach event or complete an approved educational project.15. Excellent technical proficiency and serve as role model and resource to other techs.16. Provides ongoing training and coaching to other staff.17. Serve as excellent role model to others and lead change initiatives.18. Successfully complete assigned lab operational task throughout the year.


1. Bachelor’s degree in a science related field preferred with 3-5 years of health care experience in a direct care position-or2. Associates degree with 3-5 years of health care experience in a direct care position or successful completion of a CAAHEP-accredited Sleep Technology Program required.3. Must be CPR certified.4. Must demonstrate excellence in efficient and accurate scoring of sleep records.5. Knowledge of sleep physiology necessary and basic human anatomy and physiology, neurology and physics required.6. Excellent comfort level operating personal computer programs (i.e. Microsoft Office) and quick adaptation ability to other programs.7. Ability to act professionally and calmly in emergent situations.8. Good customer service/patient relations with all age levels from neonate through geriatric.9. Must meet PSG Technologist competencies.10. Must demonstrate reliability and diligence with ligher level operations at the Sleep Center.11. Must hold current RPSGT or RST credential.As applicable, the individual has training/competency in attending to the special needs and/or behaviors appropriate to the age of patients for which care is being provided.

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